360 Panorama Tour – Interactive

Any three-dimensional wide-angle view or depiction of a real space, whether it be in a painting, a drawing, a photograph, a film, a seismic image, or a three-dimensional model, is referred to as a 3D panorama. Wide-angle shots and ultra-wide-angle shots are two of the many names given to a 3D panorama.

When you use your camera to take a 360-degree photo, you record every single point in your immediate environment from every angle that may be seen. The finished product can then be projected without leaving any space empty inside a sphere. 360 panoramas are simply a series of 360-degree pictures shown quickly, similar to a regular video.

Liverpool Science park 360 panorama image

360 Panorama Tour Photography

The first step of the process is taking a full 360 panorama image of the site by one of our professional drone pilots. We usually take multiple shots at different altitudes to capture more features and locations. We can also place a camera on the ground if requested to get a view from the perspective of a pedestrian.

Personalising Your Interactive 360 Panorama Tour

The panorama image will then be divided into smaller pieces, with one component linked to each wall, to create a 3D sphere. Once we have this, we can consider the various colours, fonts, and designs you want to use on your panorama tour. We want your tour to be an extension of your branding, and we use your companies colours, fonts, and branding to ensure that we raise your brand awareness.

Creating your custom 360 Interactive Panorama Tour

Once we have your aerial pano, and company branding elements, we put this altogether and move on to the next steps. This includes producing unique pins that can be animated or even 2D or 3D. To get the best results across different devices and screen sizes, our team applies custom CSS, and javascript code and tests the website before going live. One major advantage of our service is that it can be viewed in any web browser or even be implemented into a phone app. We also offer hosting services for our panoramas and virtual tours at extra cost.

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Customisable Panorama Map Pins

The platform we use allows us to display any kind of pin inside the panorama. We supply standard pins or we can customise to suit your brand. This can be a simple 2D pin, 3D logo, or even a moving animation loop in .gif format.

2D Design

2D panorama pin example

3D Design

3D Panorama pin example

Animated GIF Design

3D Pin animation for interactive panorama

Using customisable map pins will ensure your continuity of branding. You may only have one property, but with this type of tour, you can easily show your clients your location. Are you near a train station? Add a Pin. Are you near a hospital? Add a Pin. Are you near a Park? Add a Pin. You get the idea, let your customers easily visualise where you are located.

Interactive Virtual Matterport Tours

The industry standard for 3D space capture is Matterport. Real-world locations are transformed into realistic digital twin models by our all-in-one platform. Matterport gives users the ability to record and connect rooms to generate completely interactive 3D representations of locations, which is so much more than just panoramic scans.

What is an interactive virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a collection of panoramic pictures that have been “stitched” together to provide the viewer with a “virtual” tour of any given site. Once it is developed, the spectator can feel as though they are somewhere they are not. Their desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices might be used to view this virtual experience. In some virtual tours, auditory effects like music or narrators describing goods or sites of interest are also present. Many provide buttons that users can click if they want to capture a still image of a particular section of the tour.

Interactive 360 Aerial Panorama in Liverpool

We’re a Liverpool-based company with many examples of virtual tours and panoramas around the city. Our high-resolution aerial photography allows us to create an amazing bird’s eye view from the sky or wide-angle shots on the ground of any site.

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