Case Study: Kang & Co Solicitors

Company Name: Kang & Co Solicitors
Project Type: Search Engine Optimisation
Project Value: £28,000

Kang & Co Solicitors approached us in early 2017, they are were a small firm of solicitors that specialised in driving offences. The company had an existing website and an in-house web designer. The first question from Manjinder the company owner was could we work with their in-house design team to develop their website into one of the biggest websites in the driving solicitor industry.

The company had roughly 12 pages on their website with some small presence in their primary city Birmingham. However, competitors were routinely ranking above and a lot of the high conversion phrases left the company only positioned on page 2. It was our primary task to improve this and help the company grow as quickly as possible.


What We Delivered

Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic and phone calls.
Employees When Started: 3
Employees Now: 9
Website Visits When We Started: Approx 900 Visits per month
Website Visits When We Finished: Approx 5000 Visits per month
Number 1 Positions on Google:

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The Marketing Journey for Kang & Co Solicitors

Our first involvement with the website was of a very small level. Manjinder asked us to liase with their design team and provide guidance on how to improve website rankings. This was no problem to us as we will work with your exisiting design or marketing team to help provide the ultimate SEO package for your website.

Within the first few months, we quickly saw some great results in the Birmingham area. This was the primary location of the business and pretty soon, we dominated the area. With competitors left in the wind, we picked up top positions for all of the generic driving offence phrases and a dominant map ranking being the only featured business in the area. This means they get the majority of all clicks from Google searches in Birmingham.

We then sat down with the business owner and discussed how we can further grow the business. With the ability of the company to provide its services virtually, we found an opportunity to grow into each of the biggest cities across the UK. Our continued hard work provided a site so strong that we could rank for almost anything we wanted to. So us and their design team began crafting pages for each city. The end result was top 5 rankings in all of the major cities even though the company’s main office was in Birmingham. Work came in so fast that they quickly expanded to Milton Keynes and London offices.

The company began to receive so many calls that a telephone answering service needed to be employed to keep up with national demand. Although this transition took a couple of years, we worked hard to transform local solicitors into a national driving offence specialist. Our work continues to help the company grow into the criminal solicitor’s field and we continue to see growth of traffic and calls month after month.

Manjinder Kang, Kang & Co Solicitors Director had this to say about us

“Before I approached Turtle Media, I had worked with a few different SEO Companies. I was frustrated as the previous companies start out with hard work but then the work dwindles off. However, this wasn’t the case with Turtle Media. The team continued to provide ideas month after month guiding me and our marketing team through these ideas and working with us to implement them. Their hard work and SEO knowledge helped us grow from a local firm to an established national solicitors.”