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Could Search Engine Optimisation Have Saved Toys ‘R’ Us?

March 28, 2018/

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing a lot of economics and large business future at Turtle Media HQ. One of our staff raised a very good question. Could SEO or search engine optimisation have saved Toys ‘R’ Us from administration? The giant toy store was founded in 1948 and in case you’ve […]

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Google Testing Massive Change to Search Results

March 15, 2018/

Goolge Testing Answer Only Search Results We all know that the team over at Google do a fantastic job. They currently hold more than 95% of the market share for search engines and bring in an enormous amount of money per quarter via adverts. However, their latest tests show us that they are not just […]

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Voice Search is Changing Google

December 20, 2017/

It’s True, Voice Search is Changing Everything The 21st Century is in full swing in fact in a few years time, we will be a quarter of the way through. So why don’t we have all those flying cars? Hoverboards to travel and holidays to the moon? I’ll answer this quickly and then move onto […]

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Why a User Friendly Website is Important in 2017

September 4, 2017/

Can You Afford Not To Have a User Friendly Website? The world wide web is now 22 years old. As with anything that is old, it has developed and changed over the years. The way we use it, what we look for and the quality of what we find are probably the biggest changes over […]

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