Charities Going Digital

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Why Do Charities Need to go Digital?

No matter how you look at it, we are well and truly in the 21st century. Technology has taken over our lives with over 96% of the population owning a mobile phone. The internet is at the tip of everyone’s fingertips so that means charities need to be readily available on a digital platform in order to reach their target audience.

Turning your charity digital will not only help you reach your target audience but with the right package, help you engage with your members & supporters. This will bring you closer to your followers and increase productivity in your charity. We offer websites and HR & CRM systems designed specifically for charities to help their organisation grow.

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How Can Turtle Media Help Charities?

We have a package designed just for charities to help them move into a digital age or upgrade their current offering. We have a lot of pieces to the puzzle but for fully registered charities here is a quick glimpse of what you can get.

Full Website

CRM/HR System

Google Ads Setup

Full Charity Website

We’ve been working with charities for a number of years now. Working with small charities right up to large organisations with a lot of staff. We’ve gained an understanding of exactly what charities require in terms of web presence.

It’s not just words a page for people to read, charities require a lot of different information displayed online. Some organisations require information such as funders, people they help or signposting advice. While others need to have ways for followers to donate.

We’ve developed a unique and bespoke package designed to give you as a charity, exactly what you need to go digital. Ditch your old outdated website and switch to our Turtle Media charity package to make a real difference to your members.

CRM/HR System

A massive task for charities is to ensure correct record keeping of volunteers, donors, members, and staff to ensure compliance and help with everyday tasks. If you’re using paper, you’re probably behind the times. Having to sift through draws to find records and contact details can be time-consuming.

A full CRM (customer relationship manager) combined with a human resource system would be a real asset. However, a lot of the solutions out there are aimed at either just CRM or just HR. Out of them, not many are directed at charities alone, that’s why we’ve worked with our charity partners to develop a system that has all the features a charity would require. Everything from tracking volunteers, staff holidays, donors, events and even case management for those emergency contacts you may get from time to time.

Our system will not only make your life easier but it will help your charity grow with less management needed from day-to-day tasks. Not only does it do everything that’s required, but it’s also integrated into your website so that everything is one easy place and the two systems talk to each other. This helps your charity become fully prepared for the digital world that dominates every day life.

Google Ads Grant

As an SEO company, we are in tune with exactly what products and services are available out there. Our previous work with charities has helped us gain an understanding of the plethora of services available from Google for charities. One of their biggest offering to charities is the support of Google ads so that you can advertise for free on Google search results.

This support is around £10,000 per month. However, it’s not a case of just applying for it and you will get it. To ensure compliance, there are many boxes you need to tick to ensure not only do you get the Google Ads Grant for charities but that you maintain compliance every single month. We offer a bespoke marketing package that will ensure you are compliant month after month and bring in new people to your charity every single month.

The ads can be used to raise awareness of your cause, look for volunteers or even raise money and donations to your charity month after month. Contact us now to see how your charity can benefit from £10,000 every single month from Google.

Other Support from Google

There is not only the Google Ads Grant but there are a few other ways in which Google can support you on your journey. These will require some technical expertise to set up, but everything from Google Drive, to free hosted emails from Google are available at zero monthly cost. Emails can cost as much as £15 per month, per user so there are a lot of savings for you and your organisation by switching. As part of our charity’s going digital platform, we offer help to get these set up for you. If you require any monthly support on these packages we can also assist.

Contact us now to help you get started on your digital journey and turn your organisation into a digital beast.

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Funding Your Digital Transformation

While we know that a digital charity package will pay for itself in the long run, we understand that cashflow is the most important part of your organisation. It’s not only us that understand it, there are many agencies who provide funding to charities to help them go digital. With funding pots that fund some, half, or even all of your digital transformation.

First, make contact with our team. We can listen to your needs and provide you with a quote, although this package is designed for charities, we know that not all charities are the same. So let us work on a bespoke package for you. Once we have a quote for you, we can point you in the right direction to get funding for the project. We will assist you on the whole journey. If you qualify for funding, your charity can then start its digital transformation without any cost to you. If you don’t then don’t worry, contact us, we may still be able to help you.