Case Study: Drone Site Surveys

Company Name: Drone Site Surveys Ltd
Project Type: Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation
Project Value: £15,000 – Ongoing

The company formed in November 2019 and came to us to build their website and manage their SEO with a focus on building a national brand.

Their dream was to construct a website and brand that was a leader in the drone market. The company delivers drone surveys to construction companies, the aim of the survey is to allow construction companies to work smarter, reduce the costs of safety equipment such as cherry pickers, etc.. and improve health and safety by reducing the need for working at height.

What We Delivered

Branding: Logo, Business Cards, and other material as required
Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic and enquiries.
Employees When Started: 3
Employees Now: 9
Estimated Monthly Traffic: 3,000 Views & Growing
Number 1 Positions on Google: 250+

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Our Design Project

We sat with company directors a number of times. Conversations about who the likely market would be, what services were available, and whether we could find a way to increase the offering for the company to allow us to push further services to Google to help us with our marketing aims.

We all agreed that the products on sale actually required a lot of photos to display the quality of products and how close the cameras can get. Surveyors and construction managers had to understand why drones made a much better alternative to the traditional surveying standards. The team went away and produced photos while we sat and designed a website with photos with room for a lot of descriptive text. Text is important for search engine ranking in Google, however, it was also extremely important to give surveyors what they needed to understand why and how drones provide a much better alternative for construction companies.

Understanding how the potential customers for Drone Site Surveys use the internet helped understand exactly how to design the website with their customer intent. Our design team then proposed a design to the directors that they absolutely loved. Working together, we then come up with content and we built the website. Everyone in both companies loved it so we started on our marketing journey.

Since we are currently ongoing with our marketing, the website is a constantly changing beast. With new services & cities being added. It has been our job as a design team to make sure that the new services keep the website easy to use along with looking good across all devices. Although the primary user for this website is likely to be desktop, Google operates a mobile search index. This means that a website is assessed on its usability and search friendliness based on mobile technology.

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The Marketing Journey for Drone Site Surveys

This was a journey like no other. This company came to market with a brand new company and a brand new idea that replaces existing technology. Surveyors used and still use a lot of outdated techniques to perform surveys at height. This often involved hiring expensive equipment and having people working in potentially unsafe environments. So we needed to find a creative way to describe the service to surveyors. Our creative team sat with the directors and formulated a strategy, with the company only having 1 way to reach out to marketing (the website) our job was crucial.

During the first few months, our workload was enormous putting the plan into place, however, rewards were low. Our work didn’t really start taking effect for the first few months (which is always the case when it comes to SEO). Take a look at the graph here that shows you exactly how search has grown this business. From 0 hits per day as the company was new, right up to 3000+ visits each month.

The first 12 months for the business came as a tough time. Opening up and then a worldwide pandemic almost halting work. However, our SEO work took effect and as the construction industry remained in operation, the business grew from strength to strength. New clients came along weekly at first and then daily, the first large client came through after a few months with a job directly from Google search. The value of this job was close to £20,000. However, it wasn’t long before Google started sending jobs like this on a regular basis.

During our work, we have grown the business and allowed the website to display national coverage. With a service page for every major area in the UK. With this, the company now appears top for any search phrase around their company and a lot of major cities for example, “drone surveys manchester”, we have the top position here.

Now the company grows every single day. With the company firstly starting with just 3 employees, they now have a team of 9 which will soon grow again. It’s safe to say, the directors at Drone Site Surveys are pleased with our work, which is continuing to this day. Take a look at the quote from one of the directors Anthony Carter below.

Tony, Drone Site Surveys Director had this to say about us

“Having used other SEO providers in my previous business, and seen little results for my investment, I was recommended to speak to Turtle Media by a business adviser at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. Although I was initially sceptical of how effective SEO could possibly be, I have been delighted by the service I have received and the results speak for themselves.

We’re now top of Google around the UK for our search terms and this has been invaluable in growing our business.

If it were not for Turtle Media, our business would never be in our current position and I would 100% recommend Turtle Media to anyone looking to build their online presence and get their products or services found online.”