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Our Logo & Branding Design Case Studies
Dear Turtle Media and Marketing,

I would like a logo for my new website investinetfs.co.uk. ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds which are one of the most important financial services products that have been created for individual investors of late. They should be a staple asset to any investors portfolio. ETF’s trade like common stocks on the stock exchange, the prices can fluctuate throughout the day and can be bought and sold at any point.

I have no preconceptions of colour and I like in no particular order, graphs, arrows, eagles, bears or a bull. I am hoping that you can get creative and give me a direction so that I can build my website around the new logo.Client - Invest in ETF's


At Turtle Media and Marketing, we have an in-house graphic designer and also work with some of the most creative designers from around the world to create your perfect logo. We have gathered over fifty frequent designers that regularly design logos for us. Your logo will be delivered in any format that you require.  You do not have to sign off until you are completely 100% satisfied.

We have a permanent 100% No Quibble, No Fuss, No Questions asked policy of a full Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with your new logo.

Initial Design Offerings

After we receive your brief, our designers will come back with their initial creative designs. This is the time where you can add changes to the brief, tell them what you like and dislike. Again, try to give them as much detail as possible, it will help with the Logo & Branding process.

This was the feedback we received from the client:

“Thank you for the initial concepts,
This is giving me more food for thought. I am really liking the submissions so far.
I definitely like the logo with the eagle in, but after seeing this I am now hoping for more designs which include bulls and bears which are more closely related to the stock market. Despite the great designs you have shown me so far, I don’t think that I have an overall favourite yet.”Invest in ETF's Feedback


Updates as per client request

“Thank you for the revisions. I like all of them and I am starting to visualise how my website could be centred around these creative logo’s. The upward arrows and the graphs are looking good, and I know that the ETFs needs to be displayed as Caps “ETF” with lower cases “s”. I particularly like the different shades of blue colours in the logos, but not so much the orange colours. The graph and the arrow look very impressive but I also think it may be too tall as a logo. I was hoping for more animals but I feel that the eagle is not defined enough to stand out. I now think I would be able to choose one of the above designed, but I would like to see a few more interpretations which include animals.”Invest in ETF's Feedback

Additional Creatives

Additional Creatives

“Absolutely loving the submission with the bear, would love to see some colour variations and defined text or maybe even a bull in this style. I like the actual bull but not so much the bulls head with the bar chart. The eagle in the circle just isn’t doing it for me. I do like the logo with the hand and the bar chart with upward arrow, but I don’t think that I like them enough to use them for my business. I am getting very close to choosing my logo.”Invest in ETF's Feedback

Client Response

“This has been a really difficult decision to choose, due to the excellent designs. I have shared the logo creations with my staff and we have decided that we would like to do something a little different and utilise two of the above logos. I think we would like to use the Navy Prowling Bear, for when the stock market is in its bear state and the Red Bull Outline for when the market is in its bull state.”

The client chose more than one logo in the process as they were unable to pick their outright favourite. They felt that a number of logos would help them represent their business a little better at certain market times.

Invest in ETFs - Turtle Media & Marketing

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