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Websites on their own are NOT ENOUGH

Fantastically designed websites are great, but they won’t bring customers your way on there own. Like most of us, websites need love and attention to function at their best. This is where digital or internet marketing comes into play. Building your marketing database is our speciality.  We can manage your pay per click advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing and social media campaigns. Advertising campaigns and marketing strategies need to be inline with your website. They also then need to be engineered in a way to ensure your website can be found by new and existing customers. The point of internet marketing is to grow brand awareness and drive visitors to your website. Enhancing conversions and increasing company sales in the process.

Your Digital Marketing Mix

A successful business utilises a marketing strategy made of many different elements. At Turtle Media & Marketing Ltd, we are experienced in all key internet marketing strategies. We will work with you to customise a package that is perfect for your business goals.  If the phone isn’t ringing and the conversions aren’t coming your way, then let us help market your business effectively and bring the right visitors to your website.

We can discuss your needs and requirements and devise a plan that will supercharge the sales of your products or services. Whether it be a targeted email campaign, managing your Google Ad Words account, boosting your social media profile or increasing your organic traffic by making sure that your websites SEO is following all of the search engines best practices, we can make it happen for you. In conclusion, if you want more sales and more profits, you should contact us NOW to get your business working in the right direction to create more sales through your website.