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Turtle Media and Marketing Logo & Branding Design

An eye-catching logo is extremely important for your business, it is the first image that gives a window into your business and brand. Having a logo designed that you like, or that you think gives your brand the right message can be a daunting task. Here at Turtle Media and Marketing, we have a proven process to make sure you get the best possible results for your company. We are based in Liverpool and are actively seeking clients.


It’s really important to think about what you require from your logo and what first impression you want to give. The design, colours and font should be in sync with your companies ethos. Your logo should clearly define the concepts and values of your brand. There are many different types of logo, ranging from a corporate through to an abstract style, and many more in between.

We recommend giving as much thought and detail as possible from the outset about what you want your logo to represent. People can find it hard to visualise what they want or even what designers can achieve for them until they have seen some examples. The Turtle Media & Marketing design process can be an enlightening experience.

The Client Brief
Dear Turtle Media and Marketing,

We love the idea of your Logo & Branding design process. We are primarily a car body and repair shop but we also customise and sell American Hot Rod Cars, whilst also upgrading Modern and Performance Cars. Our company is called Penguin Speed Shop. We would like a new logo that can show that we customise cars of all types, whilst giving an extra nod to the American Hot Rods, that also includes a penguin. I imagine the colours will be many so just something that will sit well on a black background. If possible we like gold as a colour but this is not essential. We are looking for a complete change to our old logo(see below) and would like you to get creative.Penguin Speed Shop

Turtle Media & Marketing - Penguin Speed Shop - Old Logo

Current Logo


At Turtle Media and Marketing, we have an in-house graphic designer and also work with some of the most creative designers from around the world to create your perfect logo. We have gathered over fifty frequent designers that regularly design logos for us. We can deliver your logo in any format that you require.  You do not have to sign off until you are completely 100% satisfied.

Initial Design Offerings

Turtle Media & Marketing - Logo & Branding Design - Penguin Edit 1
Turtle Media & Marketing - Penguin Edit 2

Turtle Media - Penguin Edit 2

Turtle Media - Penguin Edit 3
Turtle Media - Penguin Edit 5
Turtle Media - Penguin Edit 7
Turtle Media - Penguin Edit 8

After we receive your brief, our designers will come back with their initial creative designs. This is the time where you can add changes to the brief, tell them what you like and dislike. Again, try to give them as much detail as possible, it will help with the Logo & Branding process.

This was the feedback we received from the client:

“Thank you for these initial submissions, I like your creativity but do not feel that any of the submissions are quite what we are looking for. If possible I would like to see some revisions and also some more creativity. I have given some feedback for the logos so far.”

  1. Logo has it’s merits, not sure it’s right for our shop.
  2.  Just don’t feel this is right for our business.
  3. Quite like this logo, would like to see it sharper and maybe in different colours.
  4. Definitely some merits but think it may be unbalanced with the size of the penguin.
  5. Not sure the car sells our business and we can’t really tell a penguin is behind the wheel.
  6. Although modernised, this is just too similar to our current logo.

Penguin Speed Shop Feedback


Updates as per client request

TM&M - Penguin Update1

Made the whole logo wider looking for better balance.

TM&M Penguin Edit 4

Sharpened up the text and added a golden shimmer.

TM & M Penguin edit 14

Made the car into a hot rod and defined the penguin and changed the font to suit.

Additional Creatives

TM & M Penguin Edit 10
TM & M Penguin Edit 15
TM & M Penguin Edit 09
TM & M Penguin Edit 12

Client Response

“Extremely happy and disappointed at the same time in Turtle Media & Marketing Ltd, you have made my life so difficult in choosing my new company logo. It has been almost impossible to choose which logo I want to take forward for my business. For that reason we have chosen to purchase 2 further logos from your submissions, which we believe we will be able to utilise in other parts of our business. We have chosen which logo we would like to use as our main operating logo.”

The client chose the following logo from our logo & branding design process:

TM & M Penguin Speed Shop
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