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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective system for producing instant leads or sales. We target searchers using adverts whenever they type specific keywords into their chosen search engine. Skillful and effective management is essential for effective results because it needs to be carefully and cautiously targeted so you only pay for the right adverts for your business.

PPC can be carried out alongside SEO and it is essential if you want to attract targeted leads. Your advertising options are wide and far reaching while being an instant source of sales. The most common choice is Google AdWords but you can also use the systems provided by other search engines and online platforms including Bing, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Effective PPC advertising relies upon close monitoring and effective management to succeed. You can’t simply set it up and let it run and expect results. As the name suggests pay per click is a paid advertising process so you want to get as much as possible for your money. The investment you make into PPC is something we can discuss with you to ensure your budget meets your business goals.

How to Get Started

We provide high quality, personalised and focused PPC management for our clients. We check every element of the process. This includes choosing the most effective search phrases, to ensuring your ads are positioned for the best conversion rate. When you’re paying for advertising you want it to deliver results while being cost effective. When you work with Turtle Media & Marketing, we ensure your campaigns are properly managed to achieve this. Testing different bidding strategies, keyword optimisation and other tweaks to your PPC campaigns make all the difference.

When teamed with our SEO package our PPC advertising management works perfectly to deliver effective and qualified leads for your business. It’s a perfect compliment to SEO and social media marketing as it works quickly. PPC also shows how, with a little input, you can start seeing genuine results.

Looking for Instant Leads?

If you are looking for INSTANT LEADS then probably need to consider Pay Per Click (PPC). Contact us to discuss the options available for a uniquely tailored PPC campaign & customised for your business.