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Social Media Marketing

Projections suggest there will probably be approximately 2.67 billion social media users around the globe by 2018. While it is principally a method of communication it is a key business tool as well. Social media continues to evolve and grow, and your business needs to grow with it too. Social media marketing is a real-time way of communicating your business messages and making it available to millions of potential customers on your chosen networks.

There are in excess of 100 different social networks out there, many of them very niche. Your business should be promoting itself on at least one and possibly as many as 3. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are often highlighted as the big four. They are amongst the most powerful tools and services out there, and our experts can work with you on your chosen networks to ensure you are promoting your business and content effectively.

Different Businesses can have Uncommon Internet Marketing Goals

If you’re looking to increase traffic you need to tailor your social media behaviour in a particular way. If you’re looking to create an impression on a particular network, your content needs to be positioned in a certain style. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to build a community around your business, and loyal “fans” of your business can soon become influencers. They can share your brand message even further within their own networks. This can result in bringing you more attention and potentially more sales. One share from the right influencer can result in many thousands of extra views. You probably have social media influencers in your immediate network.

Targeting Customers

Social media is a direct link between you and your target customer. You can tap into their likes and wants, and tailor your marketing to suit them. You can create special offers and teasers just for users of that network and make them feel that your company values them. Choosing the right social media networks for your business can be tricky as a result owners don’t tend to do anything. Many owners try to spread themselves too thin across a huge range of networks instead of picking those that best fit their business. When you partner with Turtle Media & Marketing Ltd we’ll get a feel for your target audience and help you choose the right networks to suit that audience. We can do this by tapping into their online communities and building campaigns tailored to their expectations and wants.

We understand social media marketing can seem frustrating. In the early days you may wonder why you’re not getting the share and like volumes you’d hoped for, but remember social media marketing is only part of the mix. Working with us gives you the chance to refresh your existing social media platforms or profiles. We use a multi pronged approach to your internet marketing, unfortunately “one size fits all” is not an effective strategy. Alternatively, we can set them all up anew and re brand your business’ online presence.

Let’s Build Your Social Media Strategy

Contact us now and speak with one of our marketing experts. Let us help get Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms working for you.