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3 Steps to a Successful Web Design

Your business website is your online shop window, it needs to stand out and sell your products and services. You only have a few seconds to engage with your customers, a poorly designed site could frustrate them very quickly. Great design makes you stand out and makes your potential customers much more likely to stick around and explore.

At Turtle Media & Marketing Ltd, we follow a three-step process which ensures successful, lead generating websites which deliver measurable results. Whether you’re here looking for a brand-new website or a redevelopment of your existing offering, we can help. Don’t forget, a successful website also needs a structured internet marketing campaign. First, take a look at our 3 steps for building an engaging website.

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1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive design ensures your website works on any platform, from widescreen desktops to the smallest smartphones. It is an essential element of modern web design. It ensures your site can be viewed by potential customers whatever device they’re using and that your design looks its best in every instance.

According to Smart Insights, mobile search contributes over 60% of all online searches so if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, you’re losing out on an enormous potential target audience. At the end of 2016, mobile internet usage overtook desktop for the first time ever, and this trend is set to continue and is highly likely to only get stronger. Google is even working on a mobile-only search platform, as a result, a non responsive website will soon never appear in Google on a mobile device. At Turtle Media & Marketing Ltd, we only design responsive websites. If your current web design agency is has not created a mobile friendly website for you then it is time to contact us.

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2. Optimised for Conversions

What is your core business goal? What do you actually want from your website? This is key to how it is designed as we can make sure your website is optimised towards sales. Whether you want an increase in social media shares, a boost in qualified leads or simply more sales, your website needs to reflect this aim. Our design and marketing experts work to create websites which direct users towards your ultimate goal. Brilliant design is pointless without a targeted customer path to follow, and as a premium web design agency we feel its important to take the time to understand your business so that we can create a website that sells for you.

Of course, you want your website to look great, but you also want it to perform and deliver results. Our many years of expertise ensure we deliver websites which can do both.

A Website That is Memorable

3. Simple, Effective and Memorable

A successful website needs to be all three. Simplicity ensures your visitors can easily find their way around. While An effective web design guarantees they can find what they’re looking for in the important first few seconds. Finally, a memorable website ensures they come back again and again and are not drawn away by your competitors.

As a business owner, we know your time is valuable. We take the stress away from designing and running your website. Hiring us means you can call on our vast experience, where you will soon have an engaging and effective website. Pop-ups, masses of text, misaligned images and a confusing design does not deliver your brand message or a successful online shop window. We focus on simple, effective design which will engage your visitors. As in life, less is sometimes more. We take your core business focus and integrate it with simple, modern web design creating an experience users will remember for the right reasons, bringing your customers back time and again.

It’s our attention to detail, we feel makes us one of the top web design agencies in Liverpool.

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