Case Study: Childwall Fiveways Garage

Company Name: Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre
Project Type: Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation
Project Value: £6,000 – Ongoing

Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre is an old standing business that has been running for over 30 years. Although they’re located not far from one of the busiest junctions in Liverpool, they’re located on a small side road where there is no passing traffic. The garage had existed solely on existing customers and word of mouth. They also had a van with company livery on which did bring in some passing trade. They had an existing website that kept the garage alive and brought in some trade.

The aim of the owner Ged, was to ramp up the traffic to the site and increase the number of monthly calls the garage receives. Although Ged specialises in auto electrics, he expressed his wishes to have a larger team of mechanics available to deliver a lot more services to the public so that the business can grow and become an elite car repair company in Liverpool. Our task was straightforward but not simple as it was hoped that the company could also keep their existing, old website, still live as it still brought in a small amount of work.

What We Delivered

Branding: Logo
Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic and phone calls.
Employees When Started: 4
Employees Now: 11
Number of Calls When We Started: Approx 100 Calls per month
Number of Calls Now: 350-400 Calls per month
Number 1 Positions on Google: 125+

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Our Design Project

We at Turtle Media sat down with the owner Ged and the manager Robert Croxton. As this was going to be a brand new website but not a new online profile, it meant we needed to provide a new website with slightly different branding to the existing offering, yet we also needed to ensure the website looked modern while focusing on the search aspect from the off. On top of that, we needed to pick a domain name to put this website address on.

The company had some existing colours, blue, white and black so we ran with that and added a car theme to it. In order to focus on the search aspect, we needed to ensure there was plenty of text on the website. The main offering was MOT testing, but we needed to break down other mechanical services in order to help the business appear a lot larger. This was vital to help the company grow to the size it has.

Some of the Turtle Media team had a lot of experience at managing mechanics, we used this experience to help break the services down and provide a design that converts, entices people to pick up the phone and turn them into customers for the company.

Within 10 days, we delivered a proposed design to Ged. The whole team at Childwall Fiveways Garage were delighted with the proposal so we went away and populated it. Within 21 days of the first meeting, we had the website live and ready to go. It then meant we needed to sit down and start our marketing journey.

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The Marketing Journey for Childwall Fiveways Garage

As we have mentioned in the brief, this was a very old and existing business that already had an online profile. This was a difficult task as we needed to be incredibly creative. Content on Google needs to be unique, but the details such as the address need to be consistent. This helps build a layer of trust amongst Google and other search engines that help a website rank higher in the search results.

We modified the address slightly, this allowed us to be unique, and the company name changed very slightly from our profile, again allowing us to distinguish ourselves from the other profile previously created. Our link-building process started from scratch just to ensure we could get the business listing as high as possible.

Within 2 months, we could already feel a difference. With calls steadily increasing from 100 per month, after 4 months, the company had nearly 200 calls per month as an average.

Our journey carried on, and Ged the owner asked us to approach the listing to try and gain more calls for air conditioning along with a few other services such as injector cleaning. Our content team sat down and wrote us some fantastic content to produce new pages. These new pages started to rank instantly (normally this can take months), our previous and ongoing link-building work set the site in such strength that anything we produce gives us extremely rapid results.

We have had the website for nearly 3 years and as you can see from the right, we are getting in excess of 1,200 calls per quarter. On top of that, we have more than double the number of photo views as similar businesses along with more than 50% of all of our appearance in search is from non-branded searches. Basically, they are not looking for that particular company, instead, they are looking directly for the product or services they offer on the website.

Our work continues on this, with the hope to break 500 calls per month before 2023. This will help the garage to grow much further than it currently has. They are thinking of opening a second branch, when they do, we will be the team to handle the website and repeat the process all over again.

Ged, Childwall Fiveways Garage Director had this to say about us

“I’ve previously had a website, which still runs and provides us with a small number of leads. However, since meeting the Turtle Media team I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the work and the professionalism that they approach the job with.

Not only have they helped me with the website and receiving a huge number of calls, they assist us with gaining extra reviews and responding to any negative reviews that appear. Our reputation means everything to us as a mechanic, so we are happy to have a team help us with our reputation management.

I’m looking at setting up a second garage and I will have Turtle Media and the team build the website and handle the marketing for me.”