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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking your website higher on Google and other search engines. This process is aimed at bringing more traffic to your website and turning website visitors into potential customers. However, the world of SEO is not an open book. Although there are a lot of guides across the internet, it’s still clouded and many people choose to look for an SEO agency to help them in their goal of more business.

When you choose an SEO agency in Liverpool, it’s important to pick an established and reputable company. Your website is the silent salesperson for your business. Ensuring the message is correct should not be left to chance. This is where we come in here at Turtle Media. Our SEO tactics have been helping businesses in Liverpool for over 15 years now. Not only that, we’ve amassed knowledge that helps us stay ahead of the latest algorithm updates, protecting your website rankings and traffic.

So if you’re looking for more business through your website, then please contact us and let us guide you through the process. We promise we’ll take out all the complications and make the journey easy for you and your company!

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What Does an SEO Agency Do?

In short, an SEO Agency should make your business website more appealing to search engines. The internet is a library of websites, they have computers called “spiders” that go and crawl all the sites on the internet. It crawls your website, takes in the data, then stores this data in the search engines database and it’s then catalogued for display when users search the internet. It’s not a random process, there are 1000s of technical indicators that are used to figure out how high a website will rank for a particular keyword. It’s our job to ensure that these technical indicators (and the right ones!) are in place to attract your new customers.

It’s not just a case of placing the data where it needs to be on your website, the spiders also use data on other websites where your company is mentioned, to help build trust for your brand across the internet.

Turtle Media specialise in digitally indexing your website and rising your site up the search rankings, making your company more visible to potential clients.

Start your SEO campaign now!

 We know how to get your potential clients to convert into customers.

Business Discovery

Business discovery is one of the most important aspects an SEO Agency in Liverpool will need to do. It’s vital for us as we need to understand exactly what your business does and who they do it for. Our team will sit down with you and discover everything your business has to offer. Although your current website may list some of the items you do, it’s important that everything is on display. Once we know about your business we can go and formulate a strategy on how to appeal better to search engines.

Turtle Media optimises ranking across all search engines, although we will focus primarily on Google. The reason for this is Google currently handles over 93% of all searches in the UK. That’s a whopping figure when you consider there are close to  160 different search engines available to you as an internet user.

Marketing Strategy

When we know and understand your business we can sit and develop our strategy. This will involve working on your website in-depth so we will need access to this. Depending on our agreed package, we may also be working with your content writer or asking you to work with our own to ensure the website reflects exactly what you do as a company.

As we have mentioned previously, SEO involves over 1000 different pieces of information involving your website, external links to your website, your social media usage and our “secret sauce”.

As for the 1000s of different bits, we can do to help your website, we will not bore you with those details. Just know that we will have these in hand and will prioritise the running order for these so that your business can see results in the quickest time possible.

SEO Implementation

We describe this as the boring part of SEO however, it’s far from it. This is the part where we get to work actually putting our strategy in place. We will be working on the technical aspects of SEO first, restructuring and adding technical indicators to your website. Don’t worry though, this change is always for the good and a lot of it is changes to how the website is built and coded and always not the way the website physically looks.

Our team will work their magic day after day, month after month with our strategy. The plan will take constant work and constant monitoring to ensure results are moving in the right direction. This is the fun part, results always turn into new business. However, it’s important to note that work doesn’t stop as soon as results come in. SEO requires constant work to ensure rankings are not only kept but continue to improve. If your competitors are using SEO to gain a business advantage, it’s vital to stay ahead of them otherwise, they will very quickly jump ahead of you.

Start your SEO campaign now!

 We get new potential clients who find you online to convert into customers.

What Does an SEO Agency Charge in Liverpool?

This question is a tough one to answer here on our website. The reason is, that there is so much that goes into SEO and we cannot accurately price our work without knowing a lot more about your business and its website. First thing that we need to discuss is what are your aims for your business? Where do you want to be in 5 years? is it retired soaking up the sun on a foreign beach, or taking your company public, or somewhere in between? When we meet we will run some analysis through your site. This will give us a chance to look at how well your website is in its standings right now as well as figuring out the competition and how much work we have to do to not only keep pace, but ultimately we need to do more than them. If we don’t you simply will not be able to climb above them in the search engine rankings.

Will SEO Benefit Me?

Can your business benefit from more leads? We suspect that it can! If that’s the case, then YES you will benefit from an SEO campaign. A website for many small businesses becomes a drain on their income. Paying for hosting, small changes, and the domain every year. Although these costs may be relatively small, they may be massive if your website does not generate any income at all.

So now it’s time to actually benefit from your website and get started on your SEO journey today.

Book a no-obligation call with one of our search specialists to see if you think improving up the search rankings will benefit your business.

Start your SEO campaign now!

 We know how to get your potential clients to convert into customers.