Case Study: Solo Car Sales

Company Name: Solo Car Sales
Project Type: Search Engine Optimisation
Project Value: £17,000

The marketing journey for Solo Car Sales provided us with a difficult task. We had a website that we could not access directly, this is simply because the creators had a back-end system they did not want to expose to public view. This left us looking for ways of working directly with Click Dealer who created the website, in order to provide the necessary updates for SEO.

Working with other companies does not phase us, so we began to work. The task was to simply bring more web traffic into Solo Car Sales so that they could reach local buyers for used cars. The business mainly operates on finance deals and provides high-quality used cars to people while giving each customer a personal experience. The business is a family-run business and this needed to be front and center of everything they do.


What We Delivered

Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation to drive traffic and phone calls.
Employees When Started: 5
Employees Now: 14
Website Visits When We Started: Approx 2700 Visits per month
Website Visits When We Finished: Approx 11,000 Visits per month
Number 1 Positions on Google:

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The Marketing Journey for Solo Car Sales

The first and most difficult task we did was to analyse the current website and look for the flaws that may be visible. The difficulty of this task was it meant pulling apart a website that was built by another company and we did not want to fracture the relationship between themselves and Solo Car Sales. Luckily our feedback was taken very well by Click Dealer and they worked very hard to ensure we had everything we wanted and needed for onsite improvements.

Monthly analysis of the competitors led us to find that the pace they were moving in SEO terms was extremely fast. Building their website content and offsite strength. This meant we needed to move at a faster pace to get the rankings we wanted. It didn’t take us long to start making inroads. Jumping above some of the oldest car sales companies in Liverpool after only a few months.

We sent over our monthly changes every month and continue to do so. On top of that, we have regular meetings with director James, to help him move the company in the direction he wants. This marketing advice has meant James along with his team, have provided information and other marketing activities which increase business as well as help us with our SEO efforts.

The company has seen month-on-month growth since our involvement, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. So much so that the company are looking at a new site to expand their stock and increase productivity.

Our work is so apparent that their website traffic started at around 2,000 visitors per month when we first came on board. Now the company routinely gets 10,000+ visitors every month. One month in particular the company surpassed 16,000 visitors. We continue to work together and expect that we will achieve 20,000 visitors in one month and the company continuing to grow.

James McConville, Solo Car Sales Director had this to say about us

“Francis and the team at Turtle Media helped us grow our business. We seen a massive increase in local customers which is exactly what we wanted. We are also very happy with the marketing support and ideas the team produce that help us grow and develop as a company month on month.”